Vice President, Sales+Marketing

Scott Gollnick

Scott started OT Sports in 1992 and continues to develop new markets, relationships and opportunities. He oversees all sales, marketing and creative work for the company. Scott has led a drive for creative work and hands-on service that has helped earn the company a national, high-profile customer base and a solid reputation.



Professional Sports: Baseball

Elaine Gastineau

Elaine started at OT in 2006. She manages sales and customer service for our professional baseball clients. s for Special Event Theme jerseys and Retail merchandise for team stores. She enjoys seeing the end results of her work -- quality jerseys that help teams raise money for charities and serve as unforgettable souvenirs for fans of all ages., 800-988-6285, x251


Pro Sports: Hockey, Basketball+ Soccer

Kyle Ward

Kyle joined OT Sports in 2009 and focuses on the professional sports market. He brings vast experience in client acquisition and retention. Kyle holds a degree in business administration from Alamance College., 800-988-6285, x206


Amateur Sports Sales

Brian Dabbs

Brian joined OT Sports in 2017 and works with all amateur sports including baseball/softball, wrestling, volleyball, lacrosse, and more. After many years in the football and weight room coaching profession, Brian is applying his attention to detail and responsiveness to help current and prospective customers.

800-988-6285, x207

Director of Communications + Digital Strategy

Chris Gigley

Chris started with OT Sports in 2016 to define, deliver and monitor messages, strategies and media appropriate for different customer bases. His efforts have raised OT to new heights of visibility, innovation and authority in the athletic uniform and apparel market.

Customer Service

Elizabeth Valencia

Elizabeth started at OT Sports in 2014, but she knows more about the production process than most. Her experience in our sewing and decorating departments means she can handle almost any question our clients may have about our high performance uniforms and apparel.

800-988-6285, x200


Creative Services

Adam McCauley

Adam has been designing uniforms and apparel for OT Sports for more than a decade. He excels at translating ideas our clients provide into creative, eye-catching jersey designs that have helped teams raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in auction proceeds over the years.

800-988-6285, x205



Caesar Escalante

Caesar started at OT Sports in 2010 and handles the layout and pre-press design of all artwork. A U.S. Air Force Gulf war veteran and avid hiker, Caesar enjoys the challenge of making artwork fit and look great in all the different formats the company offers, from hoodies to socks to game jerseys.